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Deck & Fence Service:

A good honest handy man is hard to come by now and days. A good handy man is someone who can take care of all you basic maintenance and repairs inside your house and out without "shopping" for unnecessary repairs while at your home. We strive to be the best at what we do and always try to go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction, pressuring an "up sale" is not a great way to gain trust or guarantee satisfaction from customers. A good handy man is a great consultant for future projects and ideas, they see so many different houses and layouts they often can improve a space for little cost. We have staff members and team members we work with everyday to solve all you needs big or small.

We stand out from the rest because we like to educate our customers and build relationships and not just get the job done as soon as possible. We plan our schedule out with ample time in case a problem arise. This way we will not be rushed for another appointment.

Big or small, Inside your home or outside your home we are a good fit for your repair and maintenance needs. Backed with years of experience and continuing the family tradition of putting customers first and making honest good work a priority.

We understand routine maintenance is a necessity in your home. House maintenance is very time consuming and can be very stressful as your other chores and household duties begin to pile up.


MPE Home Services would like to give you a break with some of your house repair and maintenance needs so you can enjoy spending time with your family & friends. We can do many different project, but specialize in deck resurfacing, fence repairs/installations and painting.

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