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Terms of Service

Project Terms, Conditions, Agreement & Warranties :

All MPE Home Services, LLC offer a two-year workmanship on all decks we build and five-year structural guarantee. Many of the materials we use are backed by their own warranties as well. MPE Home Services, LLC only uses premium grade pressure treated lumber for projects.

Accepting this proposal form, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below. Please review this document in full and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. This also serves as a contract  to your accepted proposal.

Guarantee and Warranty Claim Policy:

⦁    All follow up maintenance must have been followed properly by the homeowner as recommended by manufacturers after installation by MPE Home Services, LLC. 
Pressure Treated wood decks need to be properly protected by a sealer after installation.

⦁    When the lumber dries out with an exterior semi-transparent sealant designed for pressure treated wood, solid color stains tend to peel and flake as wood contracts and expands.
Sealing decks will not eliminate the natural characteristics of wood such as
cracking, rotting, splitting but might reduce the amount of the natural wood breakdowns.

⦁    This warranty is effective only upon payment in full by the customer per the payment schedule. The warranty will only be honored for those accounts which have been paid in full and per contract agreement. Payments not received per the contract amount may not only void the warranty, but will also result in a late fee outlined on proposal/invoice.

⦁    Non-payments or not paying the full balance within (30) days allows MPE Home Services, LLC to add an additional late fee of an additional $45.0, and may take less than desirable action against the client to pursue payment via means of a lien on the property. The client will be financially responsible for legal fees to collect such payments.

⦁    The original client/homeowner must be the person making the claim. The warranty is non-transferable.

⦁    Payment schedules are vital to keep the project on track, so please be mindful of this during your project and please contact the project manager or office with any questions. 

⦁    Timelines of any warranty work performed shall be at the discretion of the contractor, (typically 2-3 weeks). Typically, we like to address issues as soon as possible or on the first available rain day, but we do have to schedule the work around our current schedule, so we do ask for flexibility.

⦁    Claims must be submitted in writing form via email format to info@MPE Home and accompanied by at least three to six photos of the problem area(s). Close up pictures and pictures from a distance help tremendously. Pictures help our crew know what to bring with them to resolve issue(s).


⦁    When a project is completed and an issue or concern arises, please contact our office immediately. 


⦁    Anything outside of normal wear and tear on the deck, excessive traffic and abnormal weight not specifically stated prior to the start of the project (hot tub being placed on deck) without prior consultation with MPE Home Services, LLC. Hot Tubs on decks are not recommended.

⦁    Scratches or scuff marks on composite decks can happen. If they are surface scuffs, they will fade away or we can use a heat gun to remove them.

⦁    DIY (Do It Yourself) options are not covered under any guarantee/warranty policies: this includes but not limited to projects started but not completed by MPE Home Services, LLC or projects finished but not started by MPE Home Services, LLC.

⦁    Any work or alterations completed by the client after completion of project such as negligent maintenance or additions/alterations that have been made to the original deck without proper consultation. Any alterations made by client or other outside contractors will result in cancellation of any guarantees or warranties.

⦁    Unfortunate natural occurrences such as storm damage, flooding or other acts of God, vandalism, animal, flying debris, winds exceeding 60 MPH, hail or fire damage are not covered under our warranty.

⦁    Cracking, cupping, warping, fading, bowing, twisting, shrinking, rotting, and splitting of wood, discoloration, or natural appearances such as knots on any pressure treated wood materials are natural characteristics. Please remember that we use the best pressure treated lumber and decking we have access to locally, but wood was once a living breathing creature.
⦁    Surface vertical splitting especially on wood posts is very normal with treated wood and is not covered under warranty. This does not jeopardize the structural integrity and is very
common. It is very common for miter cuts on decking to separate due to contraction and expansion of material. Wood shrinks and Composite/PVC contracts and expands with temperature. Unfortunately, it is the nature of the products and we have no control over this.

⦁    Pressure treated support posts unfortunately can warp sometimes and in the unlikely event this happens we do have to charge a fee to replace as we have no control over this.

⦁    It is important that you keep dirt mounded around the deck support posts to divert water away. Overtime soil can settle around the posts and this would be considered regular maintenance. This style of footer if water kept away will last longer than pier style footers. Hardware rusts over time so we like to rely on the lumber vs hardware and avoids having to
add ugly knee bracing under a deck. We do use ground contact lumber for longevity.

⦁    Rusting of framing hardware can happen over time. Replacing hardware is considered proper maintenance of a deck. We recommend having us or a certified pro deck builder inspect your deck every 5 years. We do offer deck inspection services for a minimal fee.
⦁    With composite decks, waviness of decking can occur as the framing is still typically wood and the lumber dries out. “Low E” from window reflections can cause decking to warp between joists due to extreme heat. These issues are not covered under warranty but typically we can resolve issues for a minimal fee. There is a metal deck framing option if this is a major concern.

⦁    LED Low voltage deck lighting (when purchased as an upgrade) is covered under manufacturer warranty. We do not warranty lights and we would charge a small labor fee to replace in the event a claim needs to be made. Damage to low voltage lines by animals, mowers, trimmers or other acts not in our control are also not included in warranty. Free in-deck lights in steps are not warrantied and replacements can be purchased.

⦁    There is no warranty by MPE HomeServices, LLC for the products we use. The products have their own manufacture warranties. We do our research and only offer the best products out on the market. In the event of a material defect after install, the homeowner is responsible for making a claim to the manufacturer. We can also assist with any claims as needed. If the products do not have a labor warranty associated, then we may need to charge labor cost for product replacement. Prior to installation MPE Home Services, LLC will handle the claim, but this could cause delays in getting new materials on site.

⦁    All project plans are nominal measurements. Field and on site adjustments may need to be made. Our installers are trained to build in manners that allow us to use best practices.

⦁    If projects have engineering/architect plans, MPE Home Services, LLC is not responsible for any failures due to design or building techniques as the engineer/architect would be responsible for the design.

⦁    Settling support posts or heaving are not covered under warranty if inspected by the building department. In the very rare event this happens, we can repair or replace but there would be additional costs.



⦁    MPE Home Services, LLC will cover all materials and labor required to correct any defect in workmanship that is covered under this warranty if the work was due to improper install. If wood has been stained and a warranty claim is to be requested, MPE Home Services, LLC does not do any staining of the new materials.
⦁    MPE Home Services, LLC will replace any deck components that are proven to be defective due to workmanship only. We do not guarantee any materials but can assist in helping with contacting manufactures and providing proof of purchase if required.

Job Site Conditions:

⦁    On larger projects, MPE Home Services, LLC may provide an on-site portable restroom for the use of our field workers only for the duration of the project. Upon completion of the project, we will call for the next available collection date. If the restroom is vandalized or damaged in any way, the homeowner is required to notify MPE Home Services, LLC and be able to provide testimony if necessary in the event we need to take legal action for damages.

⦁    Safety is our top priority. Please keep children and pets away from the working area for safety reasons. We also ask that homeowners give our crews ample space to work or we will have to charge additional fees for delays that this could cause. Our crews will stop working for your safety and to answer any questions or concerns. We ask that clients stay at least 50 feet from the project location while crews are working. Customer agrees to hold MPE Home Services, LLC harmless in the event of injury as a result of being within 50 feet of the project location. We know a large project can be very exciting to watch and it’s your property but this is very important for the safety and efficiency of our crews.

⦁    MPE Home Services, LLC may utilize dumpsters on the driveway during the project. The dumpsters are for MPE Home Services, LLC’s use only. They are not to be used for trash or household items. The company charges us additional fees and those costs would be passed on to the homeowner. They are for construction debris only. Upon completion of the project or when the dumpster is full, MPE Home Services, LLC will call in for first available pick up. Customers can expect to wait several days for the dumpster company to pick up.

⦁    Our project managers will be stopping by sometimes with and sometimes without notice to check on the project status during the working hours. Typically, they will come several times during a project depending on scope. Our project managers may not be on site every day. If they are not on site, they may still be working behind the scenes making sure your project goes well. Feel free to reach out to them during working hours if you have questions or concerns. If an after hours meeting is truly needed, please schedule a time with them to do so. They are home with their families after working hours, but if an emergency contact is needed please contact them. Please remember that it’s the final destination that matters even if the journey has a few challenges.

⦁    MPE Home Services, LLC may elect to subcontract some of the services provided but MPE Home Services, LLC ensures all subcontractors or companies involved carry the legal limits of insurance required by law. We recruit our contractor teams and only hire the best available.


Responsibilities / Project Terms and Conditions:

⦁    MPE Home Services, LLC will comply with all township, county and state building code requirements and always recommend obtaining the proper permits prior to the start of projects. All work is to be built to or above current code requirements. Codes do change so will be installing per IRC code requirements at the time. We have no way to anticipate future building codes, but we do build using the best techniques we know.
⦁    If we are requested by the client to build in a manner that we do not recommend or is not to current code standards, that scope of work will not be covered under workmanship guarantee.

⦁    During construction, due to heavy foot traffic or small equipment, there may be minimal damage caused to your lawn. Turf repair is NOT included in the price and will be subject to a change order or additional costs if repair is requested. We do take precautions to ensure your property is protected. We are homeowners so we respect your property as our own.


⦁    We do ask that before the project begins, you move all outdoor furniture or any other items in the construction zone out of the area that our crew will be working in so that the items do not get damaged during construction. If there is any reason why you are not able to move an item please notify your project manager, foreman or office ahead of time and we can help make arrangements to ensure this is completed safely. We are not responsible for damages to any items such as furniture, grills, pots, if we help move them away from the working area.

⦁    MPE Home Services, LLC will not be responsible for privately installed utilities, buried downspouts, electric run out into yard, sprinkler systems not marked by the utility company. Homeowners are to have all privately installed lines or drainage marked prior to start. Costs for repairing or moving a line is not in the scope of the project.

⦁    In the event a utility line such as cable, telephone, water line or gas is cut after they have been marked properly by the utility company, MPE Home Services, LLC will notify the proper utility agency right away and schedule the repair as soon as possible. MPE Home Services, LLC will accept no additional responsibility other than the repair cost. Additional charges may apply if repairs are needed or delays caused by severed cables/piping that has not been clearly identified prior to start.

⦁    MPE Home Services, LLC is not liable for damages caused by delivery trucks. They are not our employees and we can’t control outside contractors. Outside contractors often consist of material delivery drivers, electricians, plumbers, dumpster deliveries and landscapers etc. If you would like us not to use the driveway we need to know in advance and additional charges could apply if it creates additional work getting materials to the back yard.

⦁    If MPE Home Services, LLC has a returned check from the client, that will result in a $60.00 fee charged to the home owner and a cash or credit card payment may be requested if any future payments are to be made.

⦁    The warranty DOES cover things such as loose connections, improper installation per manufacturer installation instructions, missing hardware, missing screws, faulty cuts, defects caused during installation and any problems that you may have resulting from our workmanship.

Scheduling/Delayed Starts:

⦁    The nature of our business is working in the great outdoors. With that said, it does have many challenges. MPE Home Services, LLC reserves the right to postpone any work due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. We do respect your schedules and will do our best to keep you in the loop with any delays. We don’t want to rush our installers on their current projects to get to yours and we wouldn’t want them rushing on yours. We do everything we can to not start projects until we can focus all of our attention on your project. With this in mind, with an outdoor project it does require much more patience and flexibility than an indoor remodeling project. We do NOT give discounts because we are delayed on a project.


Delayed Completions: 

⦁    The nature of our business working outdoors can cause significant delays or stop completion from occurring for an extended period of time. The unknown climate of the world and availability of materials can also affect project completions. This can be very challenging for scheduling. We do respect your schedules and will do our best to keep you in the loop with any delays. Since we place material orders just prior to project starting, we may find after starting that we are unable to get materials in hand. If that is the case, then we would notify you immediately to discuss the delay OR need to transition to another option. If you choose to await the delayed items, then we reserve the right to adjust the payment schedule in a fair manner to “close out” as much work as we can complete while we await the delayed materials.

⦁    MPE Home Services, LLC is not liable for delays due to unforeseeable causes beyond the control of, and without the fault or negligence of the contractor, including acts of God, acts of the homeowner, fires, floods, tariffs, strikes, freight embargoes, manufacturing delays, severe weather, material unavailability, material theft or inability to obtain materials. These delays do not constitute abandonment and are not included in calculating time frames for payment or performance. Delays beyond our control may also delay a start date or completion date.


Driveway Damage Waiver:

⦁    Depending on your project scope heavy trucks and equipment may be needed. If we have the option to use your grass for equipment access this is preferred. Turf repair is much less expensive than concrete. You can also request plywood be placed down to help protect the yard, Plywood is nearly $50 per sheet. We can add $25.00 per sheet to the cost if requesting plywood because we can get 2 uses many times from the plywood on other projects.

⦁    Plywood cannot be used on hillsides for safety of our crews. Some projects we have no choice but to use the driveway. We will always do our best to minimize any damage but everything does have some sort of risk. MPE Home Services, LLC will not be responsible for any damage to areas caused by movement of equipment on these surfaces. We are not responsible for any concealed pipes where the weight of equipment may cause damage. We will discuss preferred access methods at the pre-construction meeting. Dumpsters and material deliveries need to be placed in driveways or right off of driveways near working areas.


Change Order:

⦁    Any additional work not related to the original scope of work will be subject to a change order and will be an additional cost assumed by the client. If it is not clearly outlined on the proposal or Invoice, it is not included in the cost. Please review the proposal in detail and please ask questions prior to the start of the project. We will also set up a time for you to review the proposal prior to start. We are human and things can be missed so that’s why we have extra checks in place to make sure we are all on the same page. Again, please review documents prior to start! In the event something needs to be added or a change is requested prior to the project beginning, we can adjust Invoice payment terms. We do require change order acceptance prior to the additional work being performed. A 50% deposit will be due for accepted change orders and the remaining 50% will be due upon completion of the project. We may also need to revise the payment schedule as needed if there are change orders.

⦁    As with all construction projects, we recommend setting aside 3-5% of project total for any contingencies that may arise. We do not want to just factor this into every job but would just like to be upfront about what can happen and what’s not included in the project costs.


Change orders requested once the project has started:

A Change Order Approval Request must be written up for you to review and sign. All Change orders must be approved prior to the work performed when possible. In the event of building department requests such as digging in greater depths than 30” below grade, we will notify you as soon as possible. To avoid a large delay, we may have to dig while they are on site to verify, but we will notify you and add the cost onto the final invoice.


Customer-initiated changes that require a change in the permit: 

⦁    The homeowner will be charged for the drawings, time to run the permit and any county or city fees. Change orders may affect the projected completion date. Typically permit revisions are $250.00 and will be billed as a change order plus any additional labor and materials required.

⦁    MPE Home Services, LLC is committed to not assessing additional charges without first explaining the need for the change order and keeping margins low on unexpected change orders due to unforeseen challenges. We don’t like change orders either as they do affect our schedule but it is the nature of construction.

⦁    Building departments and their requirements can vary from location to location, so MPE Home Services, LLC is not able to predict the exact requirements/needs for each project each time. In the event a building department/inspector requires items in addition to the proposed scope such as: concrete landing pad at bottom of steps, exterior lighting on deck area, electrical outlet on deck area, certain glass window type, vent extensions, lateral bracing, secondary handrails on steps, soil engineers, or extra deep footers, these items will be addressed with the homeowner immediately and would also be subject to change orders/additional charges. Typically, when we submit building plans, they will notify us at the time of processing the application and permit packet. We will notify you as we learn of the additional requirements. At other times, we may receive request from them while in the build/inspection process and again we would notify the client immediately and present any additional costs with a change order form for approval.

⦁    Sometimes the building department may request the following additional items:
Zoning Variances - A variance is an exception to a zoning restriction that allows the use of the
land outside the requirements of the zoning for that area. Variances can be given by a locality for residents who can show that the variance will not lessen property values or interfere with the use of the property by current residents. In some cases, you may have to go before the city council or municipal government and plead your case. Cost for the variance can range anywhere from $500.00 and up depending upon your township or county over and beyond the fees we charge for standard permits. Items that may require a variance or additional inspections resulting in additional costs may be some of the following:
   ■ Sanitary sewer pipes
   ■ Storm sewer pipes
   ■ Water pipes
   ■ Private Sewer system or Septic systems
■ Utility lines underground or guide wires above ground
■ The area in which you want your deck located has a steep slope
   ■ your structure may be an eyesore or blocking a view of a neighbor.
■ If you have a small backyard where setbacks for your property lines come into question
We can always offer to assist in getting approval but we do charge a minimal fee for our time. If the items above are not listed on your proposal or invoice then it is not factored into cost.
⦁    Survey - If your proposed project site requires a variance for permission to build, or there is any reason to believe you are impeding on a property line with the project, or many other reasons, then a survey will be recommended/necessary. We have local surveyors we can suggest and will gladly assist with this process, but this is not included in our pricing and is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Payments/Order Quantities:
⦁    Customers must be available upon completion of the work and final payment is due at this time. We know everyone loves vacations and we don’t ever want you to cancel a vacation because we are working. We are pro’s! Go relax and come back to an amazing space. We
will post daily updates keeping you in the loop and keep you excited. If the customer can not be available when the project is done, then final payment must be made online via our secure online system called Invoice2Go the day of completion or per project breakdown
schedule, or must leave in a predetermined location for our project manager to pick up. In the event the work is completed and punch list items need to be addressed or we are delayed on available material to put the finishing touches on the project, the customer may retain only up to 10% of the final payment amount. We do not allow clients that are not home upon completion to hold back 10% payment until they return home. If there are any punch list items you see when you return, we will be back out within a week or so to address right away. It’s covered under our workmanship guarantee.

⦁    MPE Home Services, LLC operates on a Turn Key method. We will provide all materials and we try to order materials as close to the project start as possible. Materials may be delivered up to 2-4 days prior to start. We do not offer labor only pricing for work. All proposals will have a payment schedule breakdown outlined in the proposal/Invoice to follow throughout the project. Any additional work requested, which is not outlined in the proposal, will not be performed unless added as a change order per client's request and signed to approve prior to the additional work occurring. Any change order forms will be presented to the client. If there are additional materials leftover after the project is completed, they are the property of MPE Home Services, LLC and we will call the lumber yard for pick up. Ordered material quantity is typically higher than estimated quantity. Excess material can be purchased from us at retail cost but we would need to put it in as a change order. We do not leave you extra boards and we get a credit for extra items not used. Typically, when the job is completed the project foreman will contact our lumber yard to set up for a return pick up. Please do not move these items or alter in any way while they await pickup. We take photos and send the supplier a list of what is to be returned for credit. This may take up to 3-5 days. If it takes longer than this, please contact our office at 470-513-5447. 




Service Policy – for installation of Christmas lights during the holidays

⦁    ⦁ Upon completion of the installation, MPE employees will perform an inspection of all lights, cords, timers and outlets to ensure everything is working correctly. Following the installation, customers are expected to perform their own power and visual inspection and report any problems to MPE within 72 hours, by phone, text or email. Power and Visual inspection includes, but is not limited to, problems with materials used, cord hiding/placement, work-site clean up, timer/bulb functionality, and work being completed to the customer’s expectations.

⦁    ⦁ Beyond the 72 hour inspection period only standard service calls will be free of charge. Following the installation of new décor, we recommend that you leave your new lights on for a minimum of three hours for the first few days to test the bulbs.

⦁    ⦁ It is not MPE's responsibility to make sure the power supply outlet(s) is fully functional and has constant power. We are also unable to perform work required by an electrician. Any work require by an electrician will be at owners expense.

⦁    ⦁ The initial installation you will receive 2 free maintenance trips outside the non covered warranty. The free maintenance trips during initial installation can only be used for power related issues and standard service call related problems. Decorations damaged by vandalism, faulty outlets, electrical wiring on the property or homeowners adding lights which overload the circuits or trip GFCIs, damaged from third party companies, e.g. lawn care company, will be repaired at MPE’s hourly rate ($75 an hour) plus any cost of new & damaged materials. Please consult MPE before any additional lights added to out power grid for proper guidance and to stay within warranty. Claims outside these scopes are case by case taken

Installation Dates for October November and December

⦁    All of our installation dates are on a first come first serve basis based on when the deposit/materials are paid.  We do not guarantee any special dates for any clients unless we put it in writing.  Clients are given a date range, usually a 3 day window in which we will arrive to install lights but these dates may change depending on weather conditions,  or other unforeseen circumstances.  MPE will do it’s best to honor any installation window that it provides but clients must understand that changes do happen.

⦁    All clients that have their lights installed before Thanksgiving are responsible for testing their lights and informing us if there is a problem within 72 hours before turning on their timers.  MPE will do repairs on client lights typically the week prior to the week of Thanksgiving so that all repairs can be done at the same time.  If you should need a repair after Thanksgiving MPE will do it’s best to be there within a 24-48 hr period but cannot guarantee that time frame depending on extenuating circumstances. 

⦁     All clients with lights installed prior to Thanksgiving will have Greenery put up typically the week following Thanksgiving.   Our company is closed and not available to do work for clients on the following dates: Thanksgiving day, Dec. 24th-26th, we are usually closed on Sundays as well but may be available for emergencies or special issues.

Newly Purchased Decorations Warranty and Product Repair Policy

The lighting manufacture provides a limited 3-year warranty on all lighting provided by MPE. Light sets are warranted for non-permanent installation and temporary use for no more than 90 days at a time as specified by UL code 588. The warranty covers lights that are defective due to manufactures error. The warranty does not cover vandalism, neglect, natural wear and tear, extreme weather conditions or damage due to use outside MPEs installation period(Oct – Jan).

⦁    Bows are considered cosmetic purchases and will have a warranty period of 1 year. MPE and the client will evaluate the condition of these items during the take down period and determine, at the client’s sole responsibility, if the items will be re-purchased the following season or used again for another season. We do offer a UV protect-ant to extend the warranty for a total of 3 years for an additional cost.

Out of Warranty or Non FHL Product Repair Policy

Should a client choose to have MPE install, take down and store product every year then we even guarantee the lights that have fallen out of warranty, and we  will continue to replace bulbs and socket during installation to match previous years installation. After the 72 hr inception period the final payment must be made before and warranty work is preformed.

Billing Errors

Please notify MPE within 7 days of receiving your bill if there are any errors or discrepancies.  After this time it is assumed that all billing is correct and any changes may not be authorized.

Residential clients who :

⦁    Schedule an October installation and pay the balance in full are eligible for a 15% discount on our services. 

⦁    Split payments (deposit before installation and remaining balance after installation) are eligible for 10% discount, but only in october.  

⦁    We offer 5% discount for deposit made in october & installation is after November 
⦁    10% discount if balance paid in full and installed after November

If any payment is made after the due date(making it past due) MPE may revoke any discounts that were offered to the customer and charge them the full price in addition to any late fees that the customer may incur for past due balances.

Payments & Billing

⦁    In order to confirm an installation date, a minimum deposit of $250 is required. For jobs over $1,200, a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the gross cost of the job is required. 
⦁     If full payment for all products, items and services has not been received 30 days after receiving the final invoice, MPE will assess late fees of 10% accruing monthly on the unpaid balances until payment is received in full and credited to the purchaser’s account.
⦁     All received payments will be first applied to any outstanding late fees, then to the remainder of the unpaid balance. If payments are not made as required, MPE will consider the account in default and the customer will be responsible for the cost of collections, including reasonable attorney fees as allowed by law. MPE reserves the right to decline any service to be performed, or reimbursing a customer for payment received for said service.  Any client that has been emailed their installation window and does not have their lights out for us to work or no power available to test the lights will be charged a missed appointment fee($75 minimum).

Year around installations or Christmas lights left up for longer than our standard take down time.
MPE provides no warranty what so ever to any client that wants Christmas lights installed for more than our scheduled take down time.  Manufactures only warranty Christmas lights for use in the outdoors for a 90 day period.  Any legal action taken against MPE by clients trying to seek some kind of relief for an installation up for longer than our scheduled take down time will be responsible for all of MPEs attorney fees to defend itself as allowed by law.  The only exclusion to these terms would have to be in writing and signed by the Owner, Pace Easterling.

Limited Warranty and Limitation of Liability and Remedies

⦁    Seller warrants title of materials provided by MPE. There is no other warranty or responsibility of any kind, expressed or implied, concerning the goods or services INCLUDING NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS OF THE GOODS OR SERVICE FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND NO SUCH WARRANTIES SHALL BE IMPLIED BY LAW. No liability hereunder shall be asserted unless, any loss, damage, injury, or other claim is reported to the seller in writing within thirty days after discovery and failure to give notice of any claim within such period shall constitute and absolute and unconditional waiver of such claim.

Installation Dates for October November and December

⦁    All of our installation dates are on a first come first serve basis based on when the deposit/materials are paid.  We do not guarantee any special dates for any clients unless we put it in writing.  Clients are given a date range, usually a 3 day window in which we will arrive to install lights but these dates may change depending on weather conditions,  or other unforeseen circumstances.  MPE will do it’s best to honor any installation window that it provides but clients must understand that changes do happen.

⦁    All clients that have their lights installed before Thanksgiving are responsible for testing their lights and informing us if there is a problem within 72 hours before turning on their timers.  MPE will do repairs on client lights typically the week prior to the week of Thanksgiving so that all repairs can be done at the same time.  If you should need a repair after Thanksgiving MPE will do it’s best to be there within a 24-48 hr period but cannot guarantee that time frame depending on extenuating circumstances. 

⦁     All clients with lights installed prior to Thanksgiving will have Greenery put up typically the week following Thanksgiving.   Our company is closed and not available to do work for clients on the following dates: Thanksgiving day, Dec. 24th-26th, we are usually closed on Sundays as well but may be available for emergencies or special issues.

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